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Ottawa and Surrounding Area Home Inspection

A professional home inspection is one of the wisest investments you can make when buying or selling your home in Ottawa or it's surrounding areas. Call Angry Home Inspector Ltd. for the facts, details and information you need that will help you to avoid costly mistakes before making any real estate transactions. Let us assist you in keeping your property safe.

How Important is a Home Inspection?

A visual evaluation of the exterior and interior of a home provides a current assessment of the working status of the electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems within the home. Our certified home inspections provide valuable information regarding possible damage, structural defects and potential problem areas, that sellers or buyers can use to make an informed decision.

Signs That you may Need an Inspection

Angry Home Inspector Ltd. recommends undergoing an inspection whenever purchasing or selling a property, even if it is relatively new or renovated. Here are a few signs to look out for that usually indicate a more in-depth inspection is needed.

Are your doors and windows on the top floor? – it is always a good idea to check the doors and windows of a structure to see if they open and close properly, but the extremities of the building can exhibit more movement than other areas.

Does your basement smell funny? – If your basement has a musty, mildew scent and feels damp and humid, there may be hidden issues. An odd smell could indicate that there is a moisture problem in the basement which is often the result of foundation problems. The Angry Home Inspector will look for visible signs of moisture ingress.

Don't Buy or Sell Your Ottawa and Surrounding Area Home Without a Professional Inspection

Providing potential buyers with a written inspection report, when selling your home, can significantly speed up a real estate transaction. Buyers are more likely to make a solid offer when they see an unbiased inspection report and similarly, a good evaluation can be reflected in the seller's asking price.

Our Professional Reports Promise Sound Investment

Written promises to purchase are often contingent upon the positive results of a certified home inspection which ultimately allows a buyer to withdraw an offer without consequence if there is a major problem. An Angry Home Inspector Ltd. inspection report not only helps facilitate a faster real estate transaction; it also reassures buyers that that they are making a sound investment, offering peace of mind to all involved parties.

Angry Home Inspector Ltd. Home Inspection Services in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas Include:

  • Complete onsite visual home inspection & evaluation
  • Telephoto lens digital cameras
  • Electronic moisture meter
  • Available Follow-up meeting to discuss results
  • Detailed written report

Angry Home Inspector Ltd. is committed to providing the highest quality home inspection services to help clients make the most informed decisions and safeguard their families in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas.

Call us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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