Homebuilders that now work as Home Inspectors, with no formal training, are they the right person for the job?

I know this may come out as offensive to some inspectors, but it has to be said; home builders usually cause the problems that subsequent homeowners have to deal with.  If they did not know the proper methods while building the home, what makes them an expert years later? An unknowledgeable inspector simply compounds their errors as the years go by.  Getting sued is certainly a way to teach them their trade, but not the preferred method.  There are some excellent home builders out there, but let’s face it, the good ones continue to build homes, not change business names every three or four years when a development is complete.  A good home inspector has an intimate knowledge with all of the trades, be they commercial or residential, gathered from years of experience working with or supervising groups of tradespersons (Homebuilders certainly should have this part covered).  They are familiar with good building practices, not just the minimum code, but most importantly, they have formal training in a recognized course that offsets their lack of knowledge in certain areas.  Research your inspector and use common sense when choosing them.  There is nothing wrong with a Homebuilder working as a Home Inspector, they bring a lot to the table, just ensure they went that extra mile and expense for the proper training. Further FAQ.