About the Angry Home Inspector

My name is Evon Los and I have been involved with various aspects of the inspection industry for most of my career.  I currently hold a Certificate in Home Inspection from Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education.  This prestigious pillar of secondary learning is located in Halifax, NS and remains to this day one of the most respected higher learning institutions in North America.  The course syllabus is the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection Series, and is a highly respected course in its own right.  Exams were proctored by professionals and by course completion a successful candidate has at least 250 hours of practical field study under their belt.

My inspection history began in the marine industry as a Structural Hull Inspector for the Canadian Navy and as a Quality Assurance representative for the Navy performing final inspections for ship acceptance trials during and after refits.   During this time I also became a certified NACE level II Coating Inspector.  NACE is the worlds leading professional organization dedicated to corrosion prevention and control in Industry. I have developed an eye for picking out details most people would miss and pride myself on the ability to correctly convey my findings in an articulate manner.  My trades training as a Shipwright was intensive and multi faceted, This trade set me up for success as it gave me in-depth knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines.  A journeyman Shipwright is trained in the following:

  • Plumbing fabrication and repair
  • Joinery (Cabinet Making)
  • Welding
  • HVAC (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning) controls, sheet metal fabrication, and process
  • Water treatment
  • Habitability (Insulation, floor / wall coating)

In my spare time I started to build and renovate houses.  It was during this period the idea for The “Angry Home Inspector” began to materialize.  As I progressed with this secondary hobby, I soon realized that other builders in the new subdivisions were not using the best building practices and that my friends who had purchased older homes were being hit with huge repair expenses that could have been avoided had a competent Home Inspector been employed.  I became a little angry at these people’s misfortunes and at the lack of regulatory oversight on the Home Inspection industry in Canada.  I endeavoured to find coursing that had credibility in the Industry and the buyers interests at heart.  I happened across the Carson Dunlop Home Inspector series and decided on Dalhousie University as the educator of choice.  I then joined the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI), which is beholden to its Canadian parent (CAHPI) to lend legitimacy to my business and to assure people that I am dedicated to a fully developed and accountable Standards of Practice, to which the Carson Dunlop Home Inspection course advocates.

As your home Inspector I have your best interests at heart and remember, The “Angry Home Inspector” is always on your side.